Scotch Egg Challenge 2014

The Ship in Wandsworth South London once again hosted the Scotch Egg Challenge to find the best scotch egg in England.  This year’s winner was the Cornwall Project which is currently in residence running the kitchen at the Adam & Eve Pub in Homerton East London.  They won with a “Hog’s Pudding Scotch Egg” made from a rare breed of pig that is closer to wild boar and whose meat has a higher fat content than more commercial pigs.  Hog’s Pudding is a style of sausage from Cornwall and Devon and apparently the higher fat content of the wilder pig goes well with offal which is another main ingredient in the sausage, Wikipedia says that Hog’s Pudding can also be described as a West Country Hagis.  The Cornwall Project promotes foods and produce from Cornwall and supplies Cornish food products to major London restaurants.

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2 Responses to Scotch Egg Challenge 2014

  1. John says:

    Have not had Hog’s Pudding in a long while – happy memories – used to be a staple back in Plymouth. Not sure that I like the comparison to Hagis – but to be fair I supposed there is a similarity.

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